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Serving commercial, educational and governmental clients as an independent reseller — we are free to recommend the best, most cost-effective product to meet your specific needs. No one product is the best solution for every situation.  That's why we carry all of the major Internet content filtering product lines.

So contact us today for simple, straightforward facts about the competitive features and alternative options for any of these industry leading products: 

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2018! Today's Web filtering landscape is very different, and we can expect even more big changes.
Legacy companies have been acquired. Venerable product lines are now in decline. Fast growing companies are delivering innovative, powerful new technology. And the needs of the marketplace are changing. Proper handling of HTTPS traffic is no longer an option, as encrypted traffic now accounts for over 40% of the total, and its share will continue to rise. Malware of many types is seriously impacting companies. Bad actors have become more sophisticated, using port-evasive techniques and leveraging non-standard protocols. Circuit speeds have leaped forward, with gigabit connections now common. This increased speed presents serious performance challenges for many product lines.

There is a tremendous amount of information to keep up with. But that is what we do. In fact, it is all we do. We have specialized in this particular industry for over 15 years. Most importantly, we have built our knowledge not by simply relying on product marketing collateral. Instead, it is based on real world experience with how the products actually perform in the field, how well the companies support their customers and how to properly configure solutions that work well in complex network environments. Put our knowledge to work for you!


Choose from all the top Web filtering companies. Remember, we are independent – so we can recommend the best solution for your specific needs – for any sized business, school or government agency.



Our professional staff has been working in this specific industry for many years. Our knowledge base really is unparalleled. We can offer valuable guidance to help you make the right decision for your unique situation.



We take care of our clients. And we stick with you to make sure that your selected solution continues to serve you well. Whatever it takes, we're here for you – to provide advice, assist with implementation, help resolve technical issues, or just answer questions.


Simple fact.

76% of organizations today are using the "wrong" Internet content filtering product.* 

They are either (a) missing out on very important functionality, or (b) paying way more than they actually need to.


So why not call us today?

Speak directly with one of our experts for free. All of our experts have years of experience with Internet Access Management — including Web Content Filtering, Internet Bandwidth Management and Network Security. We will be happy to discuss your specific network environment and goals, then recommend the best alternative for your particular situation. Feel free to give us a call at (800)738-3570.


Frequently asked questions:

 Q: Why does Group1 carry all the top Internet Filtering products? 
A: Because no single product is right for all users.
 Q:  How can you tell which product is right for you?
A: Take advantage of our free, independent advice. Rely on our experience — we have helped over 4,500 businesses, schools and libraries match their specific needs to the most cost-effective solution.
  Q: Is your advice really free?
A: Yes. Completely. No charge. No obligation. Nothing. Nada. Zip.
 Q: Why does Group1 offer this free service?

Because it makes business sense. We know that after demonstrating our expertise and knowledge of these products, you will find our service to be of value. We hope that you may then decide to use Group1 as your preferred source for the product itself, and for support afterwards.

Q: If you help me find a product I like, do I have to buy it from Group1?

No. We hope that you will return the kindness, but the decision on where to purchase is completely yours to make.