We now support up to 100Gbps Circuits!

Our HALO (High Availability Load Optimization) technology works with Internet Control and Web Filtering devices to:

  • Load Balance the traffic between multiple Internet Control / Web Filtering devices to achieve the aggregate throughput you need (up to 100Gb total).

  • Avoid overloading any device with too much traffic.

  • Configure a cost-effective solution for exactly what you need — whether it is just 2Gb, 5Gb, 20Gb, or all the way to 100Gb if required.

  • Automatic Active Bypass routes traffic around failed (or slow) devices and enables plug and play connectivity of new devices.

  • Auto Heartbeat function means that no additional drivers must be installed on connected devices.

  • Sophisticated yet intuitive Web GUI for easy monitoring and management.

  • SSH and HTTPS for security.

  • Support for SFP (SX, LX and TX) and SFP+ (SR, LR, ER).

  • Redundant internal power supplies for maximum reliability.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you meet your bandwidth needs and to cost-effectively achieve a true HALO environment for maximum stability and uptime.