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One of the few competent manufacturers to focus on the SMB market. Excellent, cost-effective technology for small to medium size businesses & organizations of all types.

They offer a remote filtering solution with centralized management that has helped a number of our clients. We have found their technical support and customer service to be top notch.

Is ContentProtect the right product for you?

We will be happy to discuss your current network environment, your content filtering goals, and share our real world experience with ContentWatch's ContentProtect product line.

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ContentProtect™ Professional Suite For Business

Manage your company's Internet access, privacy and applications with ContentProtect Professional Suite from ContentWatch. ContentProtect Professional Suite includes three powerful functions that will help your company achieve greater employee productivity, protect employer/employee privacy and manage the applications that employees can run on your computers including:

  • Internet Filtering through the leading Internet filtering application for small/medium businesses-ContentProtect.
  • Application Manager-a new application designed and developed by ContentWatch that allows administrators to control what applications can run on computer systems

Benefits to IT Departments
As a network administrator you have lots of issues to deal with. You need your web filtering solution to help make your job easier... not more difficult. Here is how ContentProtect Professional Suite makes content filtering of your network trouble free.

Increase Productivity, Decrease Liability
Filter or block any unwanted content that either creates a liability for your organization (pornography, hate, etc.) or hurts productivity (shopping, games, entertainment, etc.).

Dynamic Content Filtering
List-based filters must constantly be updated to ensure protection. ContentProtect's Dynamic Contextual based filtering engine analyzes content on the fly-no need to rely on static URL lists. Create custom URL lists for your employees.

Performance and Compatibility
ContentProtect Professional Suite uses the latest algorithms to optimize the users Internet browsing experience. It avoids compatibility issues with other third party applications (i.e. firewalls, spyware prevention tools, antivirus tools).

Fully Customizable & Controllable
ContentProtect Professional Suite is highly customizable permitting Administrators to create organization, group, or individual filtering settings for employees, rather than forcing them into a "one size fits all" scenario like some products do. ContentProtect Professional Suite can be used as configured right "out of the box" or can be customized for each employee. ContentProtect Professional Suite includes a "White/Black List" allowing administrators to allow common websites or block unwanted websites.

Rapid Deployment Tools
ContentProtect Professional Suite can be easily 'pushed' to computer workstations using Windows 2000 or Windows XP Active Directory or other push technologies. This makes network wide deployment fast and easy.

Remote Management
The Remote Management dashboard allows Administrators to view reports, make changes to user's Internet policies, and permit or terminate Internet access, all from a remote Internet connection. Administrator can also receive email notifications when employees may be trying to access, override, or in some way violate the user's Internet policy.

Integration With Popular Search Engines
ContentProtect 2.1 leverages "Safe Search", found in popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Dogpile, AltaVista, Lycos, AllTheWeb, and MSN. This new feature will increase protection against pornographic images.

Client Based
ContentWatch Professional is installed on a computer workstation or notebook computer. This ensures that whenever/wherever/however the user connects to the Internet, the computer is being filtered. Because ContentWatch products are client-based the filtering actually takes advantage of the client's processing power rather than becoming a potential point of failure as with server-based or appliance solutions. Small appliance and server-based products cannot offer this same benefit.

Application Management
ContentWatch's Application Manager permits administrators to manage applications that users can run on their desktop computers. In an age where employees can install applications on computers that may present security threats, Application Manager™ provides another level of security and application compliance to prevent these kinds of threats.

Easy to Manage/Maintain
Because updates occur automatically, and user Internet policies can be managed remotely, management and maintenance is less expensive and time consuming than server-based solutions, where IT staff must be allocated to manage and maintain them. Maintenance and ongoing administration is a snap.

ContentProtect Professional Suite provides the ability for Administrators to view reports anywhere and at any time. Reports are stored in the ContentWatch Data Center (CDC). Having data stored in the CDC permits access to online reports from any Internet connection in the world. Administrators can check on the Internet activity of their employees from work or in a hotel room while traveling. Reporting includes logs of IM traffic, bypass or disable attempts, and more.

Perfect for Mobile or Notebook Computer Users
Because of its client-based architecture, ContentProtect Professional Suite is a perfect fit for mobile or notebook computer users. Regardless of how the user connects to the Internet, filtering is present. Without a client-based solution a user could simply bypass the corporate network by using a wireless connection or simply plugging into an analog line and using a personal dial-up service. This could even happen from the employee's office, making server-based solutions easy to bypass.

Peer-to-Peer Management
ContentProtect allows you to completely block P2P applications including: BitTorrent, Kazaa, eMule/eDonkey, and Gnutella, which are commonly used to download Illegal music, software, objectionable movies, images, etc. Note: P2P applications will not be filtered, but can be completely blocked.

Block Internet Games
ContentProtect gives Administrators the control to increase employee productivity by disabling access to popular Internet Games and other applications.

Budget Friendly
ContentWatch products don't require the expense of additional hardware (servers, gateways, routers, proxy servers, etc.). Simply purchase the software and install on your computers and begin filtering. Not to mention that ContentWatch Professional usually pays for itself dozens of times over in productivity gains and bandwidth savings alone.

Dramatically Increase Bandwidth
When unproductive Internet traffic is blocked, it frees up significant amounts of bandwidth for mission critical applications. That further increases productivity, insures more bandwidth for mission critical functions, and eliminates or delays the need to purchase additional bandwidth.

Multi-Language Support
To increase Internet protection ContentProtect now filters Internet content in multiple languages. Our new interface is also available in Chinese with more language packs available soon.

Automatic Updates
With state-of-the-art technology, ContentWatch updates users with the latest lists, definitions, and technology, as they become available. This process can happen automatically or manually depending on the user preference enabling the customer to have the most current version of the software available.

Toll-free Technical Support
ContentWatch is one of the only companies in the filtering industry that offers toll-free customer support. The majority of calls are answered and resolved within minutes. ContentWatch also offers email support with an average response time of less than twenty-four hours.

Benefits to HR Departments, Executives & Business Owners
ContentWatch, Inc. protects small/medium businesses and organizations by providing tools that help them manage employee Internet access. A recent study conducted by International Data Corporation (IDC) concluded that 30 to 40 percent of Internet use in the workplace is not business related. (Source: IDC, Secure Content Management Report, March 2004).

Furthermore, employers need to protect their computers by controlling what applications can be installed. Oftentimes, employees who install applications that are not approved introduce viruses and malicious code into the workplace. When these problems are introduced they can be costly.

Lastly, you need to protect company trade secrets by providing tools that protect your privacy. Fraudulent Web sites will try to "phish" your company to get valuable information.

ContentProtect Professional Suite addresses these issues with state-of-the-art technology putting you in control of your computer environment.