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Fortinet is a worldwide provider of network security appliances and a market leader in unified threat management (UTM). They are the first and only manufacturer we have found that actually does a competent job of on-firewall Web filtering.

Of course, Fortinet does much more than just Web filtering, which is just one component of the expansive unified threat management (UTM) capabilities of their FortiGate appliance line. Included in its UTM capabilities are VPN, sophisticated Traffic Shaping, a powerful Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Antivirus, Antispyware, enterprise wide Application Control, easy to implement Data Loss Prevention (DLP), WAN Optimization and even Web Caching.

In addition to FortiGate, exceptional planning, control and security capabilities can be found in their industry-leading FortiWiFi wireless security devices and FortiAP wireless access points. Email security, spam filtering and HIPAA-compliant email encryption are fully supported by their FortiMail appliances.

Perhaps best of all — every one of the various Fortinet product lines are extremely cost-effective, and compare very favorably to the competition.

Based in Sunnyvale, California, Fortinet launched in 2000 with a line of next generation firewalls that instantly surpassed all others on the market. Actually, this should not be a surprise, considering that the founder of Fortinet is the original founder of Netscreen (now part of Juniper Networks).

Is the Fortinet product line right for you?

We will be happy to discuss your current network environment, your content filtering goals, network security needs, and share our real world experience with Fortinet's product line.

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Fortigate Series



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Complete Content Protection. 
Fortinet delivers complete content protection for today’s evolving networks. Over Fortinet Advantagesthe last 10 to 15 years, threats have transformed from connection-based to content-based. Traditional security technologies have not kept up with this evolution and cannot tell the difference between malicious and legitimate content. Threats can enter your network from common applications like email and web browsers as well as the latest social networking tools. Today’s threats require complete content protection, which is more than simply identifying applications and allowing or denying the traffic. It is application control coupled with identity-based policy enforcement of all content. Our high-performance unified threat management solutions provide the visibility you need to detect hidden threats within legitimate content, even from trusted sources and authorized applications. This unmatched protection means you can allow new applications into your network, but automatically block any malicious content or behavior.


Market Leadership
Fortinet is the market leader in unified threat management, delivering purpose-built solutions that improve performance, increase protection, and reduce costs. We secure the networks of more than 125,000 customers worldwide, including the majority of the Fortune Global 500. Many of the largest and most successful organizations and service providers in the world rely on Fortinet technology to protect their networks and data, including:

  • 8 of the top 10 Fortune companies in Americas
  • 9 of the top 10 Fortune companies in EMEA
  • 9 of the top 10 Fortune companies in APAC
  • 7 of the top 10 Fortune telecommunications companies
  • 9 of the top 10 Fortune banking companies


Certified Protection
Fortinet is the only unified threat management Frotinet Advantagevendor to earn certifications across all core security technologies. These independent certifications demonstrate our ability to consolidate multiple security technologies into a single device while still meeting the highest standards of performance and accuracy. Our certifications include:

  • 5 ICSA Labs security certifications
  • NSS UTM certification
  • ISO 9001:2008 certification
  • 12 Virus Bulletin (VB) 100% awards
  • IPV6 certification for FortiOS 4.0
  • Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level 4 Augmented (EAL 4+) for FortiOS 4.0
  • FIPS PUB 140-2
  • NEBS Level 3


Fortinet Advantage

Unmatched Performance
Fortinet’s purpose built hardware and software provide industry-leading performance for the most demanding networking environments. We developed our integrated architecture specifically to provide extremely high throughput and exceptionally low latency. Our unique approach minimizes packet processing while accurately scanning the data for threats.

Custom FortiASIC™ processors deliver the power you need to detect malicious content at multi-Gigabit speeds. Other security technologies cannot protect against today’s wide range of content- and connection-based threats because they rely on general-purpose CPUs, causing a dangerous performance gap. FortiASIC processors provide the performance needed to block emerging threats, meet rigorous third-party certifications, and ensure that your network security solution does not become a network bottleneck.


Fortinet Advantage

Global Threat Research and Support
Our FortiGuard® Labs' global team of threat researchers continuously monitors the evolving threat landscape. The team of over 125 FortiGuard Labs researchers provides around the clock coverage to ensure your network stays protected. It delivers rapid product updates and detailed security knowledge, providing protection from new and emerging threats. Our FortiCare customer support organization provides global technical support for all Fortinet products, with support staff in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.





Fortinet's Product Lines

Fortinet's comprehensive portfolio of security gateways and complementary products offers a powerful blend of ASIC-accelerated performance, integrated multi-threat protection, and constantly-updated, in-depth threat intelligence. This unique combination delivers the highest level of network, content, and application security for enterprises of all sizes, managed service providers, and telecommunications carriers, while reducing total cost of ownership and providing a flexible, scalable path for expansion.

FortigateFortiGate® Network Security Platforms and Appliances

FortiGate consolidated security platforms deliver unmatched performance and protection while simplifying your network. Fortinet offers models to satisfy any deployment requirement from the FortiGate-20 series for small offices to the FortiGate-5000 series for very large enterprises, service providers and carriers. FortiGate platforms integrate the FortiOS™ operating system with FortiASIC™ processors and the latest-generation CPUs to provide comprehensive, high-performance security. Each FortiGate includes the widest range of security and networking functions on the market, including:

  • Firewall, VPN, and Traffic Shaping
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
  • Antivirus/Antispyware/Antimalware
  • Integrated Wireless Controller
  • Application Control
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Vulnerability Management
  • IPv6 Support
  • Web Filtering
  • Antispam
  • VoIP Support
  • Layer 2/3 Routing
  • WAN Optimization & Web Caching

FortiGate appliances provide enterprise-class protection against network, content, and application-level threats. Dynamic updates from the FortiGuard Labs global threat research team ensure your systems are protected against the latest threats. FortiGate platforms incorporate sophisticated networking features, such as high availability (active/active, active/passive) for maximum network uptime, and virtual domain (VDOM) capabilities to separate various networks requiring different security policies.

FortiWiFiFortiWiFi™ Wireless Security Appliances
The FortiWiFi™ line of wireless security gateways add a built-in 802.11a/b/g/n wireless access point to the enterprise-level, multi-threat protection of FortiGate appliances. They provide network, content, and application protection for wired and wireless networks without penalties in performance, cost, or manageability. They offer several network interface options, including wireless broadband and ADSL-A for ease of deployment. lFortWifi appliances combine Fortinet's FortiOS™ security operating system with FortiASIC processors and other hardware to provide a comprehensive and high-performance array of fully integrated security and networking functions including:

  • Firewall, VPN, and Traffic Shaping
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
  • Antivirus/Antispyware/Antimalware
  • Web Filtering
  • Antispam
  • Application Control (e.g., IM and P2P)
  • VoIP Support (H.323. and SCCP)
  • Layer 2/3 routing

FortiWiFi appliances are easy to deploy and manage, with a web-based user interface that allows users to be up and running in minutes. They can also be managed remotely via the FortiManager line of management appliances. This combination of local ease of use and remote management makes FortiWiFi appliances an exceptional value for remote offices, wireless service providers, retail stores, and broadband-connected telecommuter sites. In addition, FortiWiFi devices can be powered by Power over Ethernet (POE) to further ease installation and deployment and reduce your equipment investment.

  • The FortiWiFi-80CM wireless security gateway adds a built-in 802.11 b/g/n wireless access point to the enterprise-level, multi-threat protection of FortiGate appliances. In addition, 3G wireless broadband connectivity via an ExpressCard slot and a built-in analog modem for dial-up failover capability enhance deployment and failover options. The FortiWiFi-80CM boasts market-leading performance for remote office, SMB, and retail applications.
  • The FortiWiFi-60C offers standard 802.11 a/b/g/n support plus 3G wireless broadband connectivity via a PC Card slot and a built-in analog modem for dial-up fail-over capability, making it the perfect choice for rapid Point of Sale (POS) deployments or flexible security offerings by wireless service providers. It has dual Wide Area Network (WAN) ports for load balancing or redundant internet connections, a DMZ port, and six integrated switch ports for multi-user environments.
  • The FortiWiFi-60CM-ADSL-A offers standard 802.11 a/b/g/n support plus ADSL-A support for deploying as a combination wireless router and firewall. Ideal for Service Providers looking to deploy a single device in remote locations to consolidate all network and security functions into a single low-cost device.
  • The FortiWiFi-50B is ideal for small remote offices and telecommuting applications. It offers standard 802.11 b/g support, dual Wide Area Network (WAN) ports for load balancing or redundant internet connections, and three integrated switch ports for multi-user environments.
  • The FortiWiFi-30B offers full-featured, enterprise-class UTM inspection for the smallest remote offices, branch offices, and retail outlets. The FortiWiFi-30B adds 802.11 b/g support to Fortinet's easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy entry-level platform.

FortiAPFortiAP Wireless Access Points
FortiAP wireless access points are enterprise class, controller-managed devices that extend FortiGate consolidated security functions to your wireless networks. Each FortiAP tunnels all of its traffic to the wireless controller integrated into FortiGate platforms, providing a single console to manage both wired and wireless network traffic.

FortiAP wireless access points provide increased visibility and policy enforcement capabilities while simplifying your overall network environment. They employ the latest 802.11n-based wireless chip technology, offering high-performance wireless access with integrated wireless monitoring and support for multiple virtual APs on each radio. FortiAPs work in conjunction with the feature-rich family of FortiGate controllers to provide a fortified wireless space that delivers complete content protection. FortiGate controllers centrally manage radio operation, channel assignment, and transmit power, which further simplifies your deployment and management requirements.

FortiManagerFortiManager Centralized Management
FortiManager appliances allow you to centrally manage any number of Fortinet devices, from several to thousands, including FortiGate®, FortiWiFi™, FortiCarrier™, FortiMail™ and FortiAnalyzer™ appliances and virtual appliances, as well as FortiClient™ endpoint security agents. You can further simplify control and management of large deployments by grouping devices and agents into administrative domains (ADOMs).

Features & Benefits:

  • Provides easy centralized configuration, policy-based provisioning, update management and end-to-end network monitoring for your Fortinet installation
  • Manage up to 5,000 devices and virtual domains (VDOMs) and up to 120,000 FortiClient agents from a single FortiManager interface
  • Segregate management of large deployments easily and securely by grouping devices and agents into geographic or functional administrative domains (ADOMs)
  • Reduce your management burden and operational costs with fast device and agent provisioning, detailed revision tracking, and thorough auditing capabilities
  • Easily manage complex mesh and star VPN environments while leveraging FortiManager as a local distribution point for software and policy updates
  • Seamless integration with FortiAnalyzer appliances provides in-depth discovery, analysis, prioritization and reporting of network security events

FortiAnalyzerFortiAnalyzer Centralized Reporting
The FortiAnalyzer family of logging, analyzing, and reporting appliances securely aggregates log data from Fortinet devices and other syslog-compatible devices. A comprehensive suite of easily customized reports enables you to analyze, report, and archive security event, network traffic, Web content, and messaging data to measure policy compliance.

Features & Benefits:

  • Secure data aggregation from multiple FortiGate® and FortiMail™ security appliances provides network-wide visibility and compliance
  • Over 300 customizable reports help monitor and maintain identify attack patterns, acceptable use policies, and demonstrate policy compliance
  • Network capacity and utilization data reporting you to plan and manage networks more efficiently
  • Fully integrated with FortiManager™ appliances for a single point of command, control, analysis, and reporting
  • Advanced features such as event correlation, forensic analysis, and vulnerability assessment provide essential tools for in-depth protection of complex networks
  • Up to 6 TB of log data capacity and choice of RAID levels allow you to balance capacity and data assurance to match organizational needs

FortiMailFortiMail™ Messaging Security Appliances
The FortiMail family of appliances is a proven, powerful messaging security platform for any size organization, from small businesses to carriers, service providers, and large enterprises. Purpose-built for the most demanding messaging systems, the FortiMail appliances utilize Fortinet’s years of experience in protecting networks against spam, malware, and other message-borne threats.

You can prevent your messaging system from becoming a threat delivery system with FortiMail. Its inbound filtering engine blocks spam and malware before it can clog your network and affect users. Its outbound inspection technology prevents outbound spam or malware (including 3G mobile traffic) from causing other antispam gateways to blacklist your users.

Three deployment modes offer maximum versatility while minimizing infrastructure changes or service disruptions: transparent mode for seamless integration into existing networks with no changes to your existing mail server, gateway mode as a proxy MTA for existing messaging gateways, or full messaging server functionality for remote locations. FortiMail provides Identity-Based Encryption (IBE), in addition to S/MIME and TLS, as email encryption option to enforce policy-based encryption for secure content delivery. Furthermore, the FortiMail customizable and predefined dictionaries prevent accidental or intentional loss of confidential and regulated data.

FortiClientFortiClient™ Endpoint Security Suite
The Fortinet FortiClient™ endpoint security solutions provide anytime, anywhere endpoint security for network endpoints. When used in connection with FortiGate® appliances, FortiClient provides a range of security features to protect your network and ensure policy compliance. You have a choice of deploying FortiClient for secure remote access connectivity, or FortiClient Premium for enterprise-grade comprehensive endpoint security.

Features & Benefits:

  • Improves endpoint protection by extending corporate security policies to remote users
  • End-to-end security with integrated endpoint control, policy enforcement, monitoring and management
  • Integrated endpoint security bundled into a single, easily managed agent for lower total cost of ownership
  • FortiClient Premium provides SSL and IPSec VPN, a personal firewall, antivirus/antispyware scanning, intrusion prevention, web filtering, anti-spam, WAN optimization and more
  • FortiClient provides IPSec VPN, SSL VPN, Endpoint Control, Two factor authentication and WAN Optimization all in one single agent

FortiWebFortiWeb Web Application Security
FortiWeb web application firewalls protect, balance, and accelerate your web applications, databases, and any information exchanged between them. Whether you are protecting applications delivered over a large enterprise, service provider, or cloud-based provider network, FortiWeb appliances will reduce deployment time and simplify security management.

Fortinet's FortiWeb™ has passed ICSA Web Application Firewall Certification. The latest model being tested is FortiWeb 1000C. ICSA Labs certifications are evidence of FortiWeb's commitment to uphold the industry's highest security standards. Achieving this certification ensures that FortiWeb™ customers benefit from best practices in the security industry for all their Web application needs.

Features & Benefits:

  • FortiWeb is the only product that provides a Vulnerability Scanner module within the web application firewall that completes a comprehensive solution for PCI DSS requirement 6.6
  • Guarantees security of web applications and secures sensitive database content by blocking threats such as cross-site scripting, SQL injection, buffer overflows, file inclusion, denial of service, cookie poisoning, schema poisoning, and countless other attacks
  • Aides in PCI DSS 6.6 compliance by protecting against OWASP Top 10 web application vulnerabilities
  • Automatically and dynamically profiles user activity to create a baseline of allowed activity
  • Network and application layer DoS/DDoS protection
  • SSL encryption co-processing accelerates transaction times, offloads encryption functions, reduces web server processing requirements
  • Server load balancing and content-based routing increases application speeds, improves server resource utilization and stabilizes applications
  • Data Compression allows efficient bandwidth utilization and response time improvements
  • Real time data analysis provides an analytics interface that helps organizations analyze their web application usage from multiple vectors and maps requests to their geographic location

FortiScanFortiScan Vulnerability Management
FortiScan appliances enable your organization to close IT compliance gaps and implement continuous monitoring for real-time results. They provide you with an enterprise-scale solution that integrates endpoint vulnerability management, industry and federal compliance, patch management, remediation, auditing and reporting into a single, unified platform.

The scan engine audits, evaluates the traffic at the OS and application level to help IT organizations comply with internal, industry and regulatory mandates. Organizations realize quick time-to-value with easy to install, intuitive and standard compliance policies (NIST SCAP, FDCC, PCI-DSS, SOX, GLBA, HIPAA) out of the box with regular updates from FortiGuard Services.

FortiDBFortiDB Database Security and Compliance
FortiDB software is a comprehensive database security and compliance platform that helps large enterprises and cloud-based service providers protect their databases and applications from internal and external threats. Utilizing its flexible policy framework, FortiDB allows quick and easy implementation of internal IT control frameworks for database activity monitoring, IT audit and regulatory compliance.

Features & Benefits:

  • Scalable protection for hundreds of databases extends built-in database security features for comprehensive protection against internal and external threats
  • Heterogeneous platform support includes AIX, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Solaris 10, Windows XP/Vista, Windows Server 2003, and virtualized environments
  • Quick time-to-value with hundreds of pre-populated policies covering known exploits, configuration weaknesses, and operational risks
  • Easy deployment of database activity monitoring/audit across hundreds of databases via centralized policy management
  • Completeness of data is assured by capturing all types of database activity from administration events to user activity, regardless of command or connection type
  • Out-of-the-box reports help you to meet security and compliance requirements such as SOX and PCI DSS

FortiBridgeFortiBridge Bypass Appliances
FortiBridge bypass appliances ensure mission-critical network continuity by automatically re-routing your network traffic around inline security infrastructure in the event of a power failure or system fault.

The FortiBridge-2002 appliance is designed for 10/100/1000 networks, the FortiBridge-2002F is designed for 1 GbE networks (SFP or LC 850nm fiber-based ), and theFortiBridge-2002X is designed for 10 GbE networks (SFP+ or LC 850nm fiber-based ). All appliances provide bypass functionality for two network segments.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fail-to-Wire bypass functionality maximizes network uptime by automatically re-routing traffic in the event of a power outage or any other type of event that would cause an inline security device to degrade the availability of the network segment
  • The 1-RU appliance form factor allows you to add bypass functionality to any existing inline security system, including FortiGate® multi-threat security systems
  • Remote configuration and monitoring allow you to monitor and control the bypass status of network segments remotely, with the ability to view mode of operation, manually switch the appliance into bypass or normal operation mode, and configure thresholds for automatic bypass fail-to-wire

FortiBalancerFortiBalancer Application Delivery Controllers
The Fortinet FortiBalancer™ Series of Application Delivery Controllers optimize the availability, user experience, and performance of mobile, cloud-based and enterprise applications whilst increasing server efficiency and reducing cost and complexity in the data center.

Features & Benefits:

  • Server load balancing improves scalability and resilience of your infrastructure by distributing application load over multiple servers
  • Caching of static content at the network edge reduces the load on the server and network infrastructure, increasing application responsiveness and reducing delivery delays
  • Data Compression on the fly to accelerate network performance without using vital server resources
  • SSL Offload performed in hardware reduces the performance impact on the server infrastructure
  • Link Load Balancing (Optional) distribute traffic over multiple ISPs to increase resilience and reduce the need for costly bandwidth upgrades.
  • Global Server Load Balancing (Optional) distributes traffic across multiple geographical locations for resilience without the need for complex BGP networking, lowering costs and complexity of your infrastructure while maintaining geographical redundancy
  • Delivers 99.999% application uptime with a 10X increase in application performance and scalability, with 70% less infrastructure to purchase and manage

FortiSwitchFortiSwitch Secure Switching Platforms
The FortiSwitch platforms are purpose-built to meet the Ethernet infrastructure and provisioning needs of today’s network edge. You can scale up/out your operations performance needs with ease of use and low cost of ownership to meet the demands of bandwidth-intensive applications from small offices to large datacenters.

Fortinet’s FortiSwitch family of Gigabit Ethernet (GbE),10 Gigabit and Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches delivers outstanding price, performance, and scalability to organizations with diverse operational needs.

The FortiCache high performance Web Caching appliances address bandwidth saturation, high latency, and poor performance caused by caching popular internet content locally for carriers, service providers, enterprises and educational networks. FortiCache appliances reduce the cost and impact of cached content on the network, while increasing performance and end-user satisfaction by improving the speed of delivery of popular repeated content.

Features & Benefits:

  • High performance, appliance based web cache increases network performance and reduces bandwidth costs while minimizing latency and improving customer satisfaction
  • Enables you to optimize and accelerate the network by keeping as much traffic as possible “on net” and thus decrease the utilization of costly external connectivity
  • Video Content Awareness prevents viral content impacting the network by adapting caching policies for bandwidth-consuming video content
  • Reduced load on the network allows you to grow your network strategically not reactively and delay costly network upgrades
  • FortiGuard Web Filtering allows unwanted web content to be blocked from your network to protect your users and reduce risk to the organization.

The FortiAuthenticator™ series of secure authentication appliances compliments the FortiToken™ range of two-factor authentication tokens for secure remote access. FortiAuthenticator allows you to extend the support for FortiTokens across your enterprise by enabling authentication with multiple FortiGate appliances and third party devices. FortiAuthenticator and FortiToken deliver cost effective, scalable secure authentication to your entire network infrastructure.

Features & Benefits:

  • Standards-based secure authentication which works in conjunction with FortiTokens to deliver secure two-factor authentication to any third-party device capable of authentication via RADIUS or LDAP
  • Hardened appliance that can be deployed in minutes to secure access to your network infrastructure
  • Integrates with existing solutions such as LDAP or AD servers to lower the cost and complexity of adding strong authentication to your network
  • Support for E-mail and SMS tokens enables rapid deployment of two-factor authentication without the need for additional dedicated hardware.
  • User self-service password reset lowers your costs by allowing your users to reset their own password without administrator intervention
  • Certificate Authority functionality simplifies your CA management and delivers user certificate signing, FortiGate VPN, or server x.509 certificates for use in certificate-based two-factor authentication
  • Upgrade path from FortiGate/FortiToken allows you to maximize your existing investment and scale your two-factor deployment when needed

FortiTokenFortiToken Two-Factor Authentication
FortiToken solutions allow you to easily enable two-factor authentication for access to protected networks and security devices. Two-factor authentication solutions improve security and reduce the risk of compromise inherent in single-factor authentication solutions such as static passwords.

FortiToken solutions enable administrators to offer enhanced security for both remote and on-premise users. It ensures that only authorized individuals can access you organization's sensitive information. Each FortiGate™ consolidated security platform is able to provide an integrated authentication server. Combining this authentication capability with the FortiToken solution eliminates the need for an external authentication server. The short-lived, time-based token adds strong authentication to secure remote IPSEC and SSL VPN access, Wi-Fi Captive Portal network logon, and FortiGate Administrator login. The token always remains synchronized with the FortiGate controller.

FortiDNSFortiDNS Secure Caching DNS Server
The FortiDNS™ series of secure, robust DNS appliances provides caching DNS with a strong focus on security. To achieve this blend of performance and protection, Fortinet has partnered with Nominum, one of the leading DNS solutions providers, to power the core of the solution. Developed by Fortinet and “Powered by Nominum,” FortiDNS introduces significant security benefits including:

Features & Benefits:

  • Hardened appliance format with GUI-driven configuration that significantly reduces both the complexity of deployment and operational overheads
  • “Powered by Nominum” delivers market-leading carrier-class DNS to the enterprise
  • High performance DNS caching speeds up name resolution and ultimately network performance
  • Strengthens enterprise security with a highly secure implementation supporting methods including:
  • Transaction ID Randomization
  • UDP Source Port Randomization
  • Case (query name) Randomization
  • IPv6 and DNSSEC support enables deployment with confidence that the FortiDNS product family will meet future requirements
  • Integrated FortiToken two-factor authentication to enable remote secure management

FortiDDoSFortiDDoS® Family of DDoS Prevention Appliances
The FortiDDoS family of purpose-built network appliances provides effective, innovative protection against DDoS attacks. FortiDDoS helps you protect your internet-facing infrastructure from threats and service disruptions by surgically removing network and application-layer DDoS attacks. You can defend your critical on-premise and cloud infrastructure from attack while relying on FortiDDoS’ sophisticated filtering technologies to allow legitimate traffic to continue to flow. These scalable, high-performance appliances deliver proven DDoS defense, and are completely interoperable with your existing security technologies and network infrastructure.

Features & Benefits:

  • FortiDDoS provides granular visibility and control of your network and automatically detects and automatically detects and mitigates attack traffic
  • Inline, transparent threat mitigation provides easy to deploy and manage DDoS prevention
  • Segregation and virtualization of the FortiDDoS appliance allows separate security policies on each segment for multi-tenant environments
  • Bandwidth management maintains policies that enable Service Providers to limit each customer or user to their predefined bandwidth
  • Purpose-built FortiASIC-TP processors deliver proven, high performance protection
  • Header and state anomaly prevention provides “clean pipe” to improve network utilization

FortiVoiceFortiVoice Phone Systems
FortiVoice products give you complete control of your small business telephone communications. Easy to use, affordable and reliable, FortiVoice phone systems and phones deliver everything you need to handle calls professionally, control communication costs and stay connected everywhere. FortiVoice is ideal for up to 64 phone users per location.
Features & Benefits:

  • A full range of big-business FortiFone telephone features like auto attendants, ring groups, call cascades and more deliver a professional image, improve customer service and facilitate collaboration
  • Seamlessly integrates mobile workers and teleworkers with the main office
  • Traditional telephone network and optional VoIP connections allow flexibility and cost control
  • Easy installation and set-up saves time, money and headaches as well as service calls for configuration changes
  • Modular expansion enables the system to grow with your business, protecting your investment as you get bigger
  • Multibranch VoIP networking cost-effectively connects multiple locations, around the corner or around the world