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Founded in San Diego in 2003, this relative newcomer to our lineup is growing by leaps and bounds – and for good reason.  Thanks to over 50 patent pending inventions, this product line's functionality has quickly evolved to encompass much more than just basic Web filtering. 

To facilitate their rapid growth, iboss received an investment of $35M from Goldman Sachs in late 2015.

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Web Security Built for Today’s Networks

Built exclusively for today’s complex borderless networks, the iboss Web Security provides unparalleled visibility into all data channels with next-generation technology that combines advanced threat and data protection, intelligent bandwidth management and comprehensive reporting to deliver solutions with a range of flexible deployment options that scale to fit any size organization.

  • Unparalleled inbound/outbound visibility across all data channels
  • Advanced defense against APTs, zero-day attacks and targeted threats
  • Granular application control designed for today’s application-intensive environment
  • Unmatched protection for borderless networks, covering BYOD, MDM
    and the Cloud
  • Maximized network performance with intelligent bandwidth management and latency-free SSL inspection
  • Low TCO with unrivaled ease-of-use and world-class support 

Web Security Modules

iboss_modules.pngIn addition to the comprehensive Web Security, iboss offers expanded security modules for APT defense and data protection, and end-to-end mobile protection. All modules are completely integrated with the core iboss Web Security solution to deliver aggregate, single pane of glass reporting.

Flexible Deployment Options

iboss offers a wide range of flexible deployment options including on-premises, cloud-based, and hybrid, designed to deliver streamlined integration with any network scenario.


Unrivaled Protection across all Data Channels

Today’s complex networking environment and the new threat landscape require that organizations protect traffic outside standard Web streams using Ports 80 and 443. New applications such as anonymizers, torrents, and chat applications like Yahoo, must use non-standard ports for communication, creating hidden data channels that traditional solutions can’t see, making them ideal for exploitation.

Only iboss Secure Web Gateway gives you comprehensive visibility over all 131,070 data channels on your network combined with latency-free SSL scanning for unrivaled protection against advanced persistent threats (APTs), malware and zero-day attacks.

iboss Secure Web Gateway Includes...

HTTPS/SSL Traffic Scanning

Many standard solutions attempt to secure HTTPS traffic but their approach creates network latency and risks man-in-the-middle attacks (MiTM) because they must decrypt all traffic at the gateway.

iboss’ innovative, granular SSL scanning includes selective decryption that assures protection against threats embedded within HTTPS leading to costly data loss, while maintaining data integrity and optimal network performance.


Advanced Application Management

There are a wide range of applications that require proprietary signatures and ports to communicate properly and organizations rely on some of them to conduct business, but others may introduce advanced threats that can lead to data loss.

iboss advanced application scanning with deep packet inspection secures the gateway from unwanted applications and threats with multi-layered security that includes torrent and file-sharing protection, dynamic proxy circumvention detection, advanced protocol management and trigger-based alerts.



Live Threat Dashboard for Real-Time Visibility

The iboss Threat and Event Reporting Console delivers powerful network insight and forensic intelligence that includes geo-mapping, drill-down access and usage reporting, enabling you to identify threats in real-time and enforce AUP and regulatory compliance requirements across your organization. With real-time actionable intelligence on who, where and how your network is being accessed, you have time to mitigate problems before they cause data loss, ultimately lowering your total cost of ownership (TCO).



iboss Intelligent Bandwidth Management assures maximum network efficiency with flexible stream-based technology that is directory-aware, enabling granular control of bandwidth during peak usage hours. Unlike standard stateful shaping technology, which continuously applies policy per domain or IP, iboss enables dynamic throttling, giving you the flexibility required to support critical business processes while maintaining optimal network performance.

Intelligent Bandwidth Management / QoS


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Management


The iboss Secure Web Gateway integrates BYOD management to extend advanced threat protection and DLP to all the BYOD users on your network, while assuring that increases in bandwidth demand don’t affect mission critical traffic.

iboss also identifies BYOD users not using a NAC and provides a captive portal that binds them to your network directory or LDAP automatically, assuring accurate policy enforcement across all users. iboss BYOD tools include advanced application controls and High Risk Auto Quarantine, enabling you to lock users engaged in high-risk online behavior such as illegal file downloads or circumvention attempts. 



FireSphere: Advanced Defense Against APTs

Corporate Networks are increasingly complex, forcing cybercriminals to adopt more sophisticated tactics in their efforts to steal your data. Studies show not only a dramatic increase in data breaches, but in the length of time it takes to discover them – the average is now 8 months. The traditional approach to securing networks was focused on blocking threats, which is essential, but blocking 100% of malware is unrealistic. To increase your security posture and defend against today’s APTs and zero-day attacks, you need a solution that also continuously monitors for infections already on the network in order to decrease the ‘dwell time’ (the time from infection to detection). By reducing the time infections linger on the network, you can greatly reduce the risk of costly data loss.


FireSphere Advanced Sandboxing isolates and executes suspicious files in a safe environment, to deliver in-depth analysis of complex malware and polymorphic viruses. With unique features that include Full System Emulation and File Baiting , FireSphere Sandboxing protects your data by detecting and analyzing the malware created to evade detection by standard sandboxing technology. 


FireSphere Continuous Infection Monitoring leverages iboss unrivaled visibility across all 131 thousand data channels, to find malware already on your network quickly, and notify you for immediate remediation. It allows you to shorten the time between infection and detection, diminishing malware dwell time and reducing data loss.


Network Baselining

FireSphere Network Baselining leverages continuous monitoring of network traffic and historical micro-SIEM data logs to establish a network baseline for your organization. Your current traffic patterns are then compared to your network baseline to identify anomalies that can signify the network has been compromised.


High-Risk Device Quarantine

FireSphere contains the spread of infections by network-wide scanning for infected machines and high-risk user behavior, and immediately quarantining machines that are harboring malware or engaging in risky behavior. This protection extends across your organization to encompass users whether on-or-off network, or on mobile devices, including BYOD.


Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDPS)

FireSphere Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS) uses content-aware data inspection, DNS scanning and SSL anomaly detection to find intrusion attempts and block them in real time. This layer of protection also provides protocol inspection that includes SSH, RPC, SIP/VOIP, IMAP, and POP to protect against intrusion attempts across all onsite, remote or mobile users.


Signature & Heuristic A/V

FireSphere Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS) uses content-aware data inspection, DNS scanning and SSL anomaly detection to find intrusion attempts and block them in real time. This layer of protection also provides protocol inspection that includes SSH, RPC, SIP/VOIP, IMAP, and POP to protect against intrusion attempts across all onsite, remote or mobile users.


Advanced Threat SIEM

FireSphere Layered APT Defense is integrated with the iboss Threat and Event Console Advanced Threat SIEM to deliver investigative tools and forensic intelligence that supports every layer of FireSphere’s advanced APT defense solution. With a variety of live feeds, dashboards, and over a year of dynamically indexed historical data logs, iboss delivers packet-level intelligence that prevents APTs and other advanced malware from entering, while tracking, identifying and alerting you to dangerous malware already on your network.


Mobile Security for Today’s Borderless Network

The evolution of mobile connectivity has changed the modern workplace, creating more productivity and efficiency, but also increasing IT security challenges. iboss Mobile Security easily enables your mobile and BYOD workforce with seamless cloud integration and proprietary mobile device management (MDM).

The iboss Mobile Security Suite offers end-to-end protection across all the devices accessing your network, whether corporate-owned or BYOD (bring your own device). It is seamlessly integrated with the core iboss Web Security solution to extend protection across your organization, with no manual proxy settings to a third party solution, which can undermine network security. 

iboss Mobile Security Benefits:

  • Fast and easy to enable – extend comprehensive Web security via the cloud with one click
  • Full-featured proprietary MDM protects your sensitive data and devices
  • SSL traffic scanning eliminates threat blind spots and protects data
  • Reporting across all users / devices with real-time alerts by name of threat, violations, events, keywords & more
  • Seamless user-based authentication and reporting extends accurate policy enforcement to all devices no matter who is using them
  • Supports all mobile platforms – Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, Google