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Founded in 1999 and based in Bakersfield California, Lightspeed Systems has been partnering with IT staff in schools, making day-to-day tasks manageable and educational goals reachable. Today, Lightspeed is used by more than 2,000 school districts.

This EDU-specialized product line does much, much more than just content filtering. It provides a unique set of functionality that is very valuable in the K-12 educational environment. Customer loyalty is quite high, due to a very high level of satisfaction with both the product suite and the quality level of service.

Is Lightspeed the right product line for you?

We will be happy to discuss your current network environment, your content filtering goals, and share our real world experience with how well Lightspeed serves the EDU environment.

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Block inappropriate content without blocking learning.

Web filtering is a balancing act between blocking inappropriate content, keeping everyone safe and on track, and giving users access to engaging, educational content. With the Lightspeed Web Filter, IT gets CIPA-compliant filtering based on a comprehensive education-specific database and granularly customizable policies; users get access to the sites and tools that enhance education.

With the Lightspeed Web Filter, you can:

  • Protect users from inappropriate material on the Internet while allowing them to
  • access valuable educational resources, such as videos, blogs, and documents.
  • Ensure CIPA compliance and adherence to other regulations to minimize district liability.
  • Receive detailed reports on user activity.
  • Enforce Acceptable Use Policies with flexible filtering policies and monitoring.
  • Balance learning and safety with teacher override capabilities and a
  • complete platform for collaboration and online learning.
  • Prioritize web traffic to ensure access to essential services.


  • Comprehensive and accurate URL database with more than 1 billion entries grouped into education-specific categories.
  • Daily database updates; immediate updates for urgent categorizations.
  • Ability to create different policies based on user, IP, group, organizational unit, and domain.
  • Mobile filtering to extend policies and protection to off-network users.
  • Web zones to give teachers the ability to expand or contract Internet access for specific assignments, periods, or classes.
  • Lockouts to allow administrators to set abuse thresholds triggering an Internet lockout.
  • Customizable block pages.
  • Multiple layers of anonymous proxy detection.
  • Web traffic prioritization and limiting capabilities.
  • Flexible filtering for thin clients.
  • Peer-to-peer application and file-type blocking.
  • Integration with Student Information Systems.
  • Safe Search.
  • Ability to accommodate even the heaviest traffic loads, up to 10Gb, without hindering performance.
  • Educational Resource Library with unfiltered access to educational YouTube videos, web sites, wikis and blogs, documents, and more.
  • My Big Campus for safe Web 2.0 and collaboration.


Keep Students Engaged.

My Big Campus is changing the way schools think about filtering, by extending the classroom into an engaging online environment that’s integrated with the filter. The dynamic content and collaborative technologies that have been traditionally blocked are now available to safely engage today’s student. My Big Campus combines a resource library with a suite of collaboration tools; including groups, walls, blogs, wikilike functions, messaging, and more—all integrated with your web filtering policies.