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M86 was acquired by Chicago based Trustwave in 2012.  Trustwave was then acquired by Singapore based Singtel in mid-2015.

M86 originated as the San Diego based 8e6 Technologies, later merging with international based Marshal in 2008. A long term player in the Web content filtering market, their appliance line is known for its high-throughput performance and superior security technology.

As the product line has matured, its administrative learning curve has flattened. Customer loyalty is quite high and we have found their technical support of existing installations to be top notch.


Is M86 the right product line for you?

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Detailed M86 info...
(provided by the manufacturer)

M86 Secure Web Gateway

The Only Intelligent Web Security. The Most Flexible Deployment Options.
The M86 Secure Web Gateway (SWG) offers the best Web security and the most flexible deployment options in the industry, providing full coverage to every user, regardless of connection or location. It protects organizations from even the most complex malware while enabling productive access to Web 2.0 applications. Centralized policy control and a single interface make the M86 SWG easy to manage, whether it’s deployed as a traditional appliance, virtual appliance, hybrid cloud or any combination of the three.



Intelligent Malware Prevention
M86 AMP (Adaptive Multi-layered Protection) prevents all forms of malware from infiltrating the network. Popular anti-virus, URL filters, firewalls and purported “real-time” solutions cannot protect against 60% of today’s malware. Only the M86 SWG can completely close that malware gap.

Safe and Productive Web 2.0
Use Granular Social Media Control, coupled with the M86 AMP intelligent malware engine, allow users to access Web 2.0 and social media without worrying about data leaks, productivity loss or malware infection.

Security for All Users, Regardless of Location or Connection
Available as a traditional appliance, virtual appliance or hybrid cloud option, the M86 SWG extends full security and policy control to remote and mobile users.

Single Solution for Security, Policy Control and Reporting
Regardless of the combination of deployment options used, organizations can manage their security and reporting solution easily through a single, central interface.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Identifies data-stealing malware, including keystroke loggers, phishing attacks, Trojans and root kits and remediates the threat without intervention from the IT manager. It creates policy, enforces rules and makes it easy to prevent users from posting or uploading sensitive data to social media sites.

Regulatory and AUP Compliance
Simple, yet robust reporting identifies potential policy breaches or regulatory violations, and optional, extensive storage provides long-term proof of compliance. Because the M86 SWG prevents data loss, it enforces compliance with regulations that require data security and integrity.

Affordable Solution with Low TCO
Cost-saving features include convenient, flexible deployment options, ease-of-maintenance, scalability, adaptable malware detection and remediation, a future-proof design and single, centralized management. These features offer high value at an exceptionally low TCO.

Robust, Flexible and Easy-to-use Reporting
Includes complete on-box reporting. For additional reporting capabilities, the M86 Security Reporter can be integrated with the M86 SWG to provide powerful, easy-to-use reports (templates or custom-built) for various recipients within an organization, realtime dashboards, and more.



Advanced Technologies

M86 AMP (Adaptive Multi-layer Protection)
This intelligent security engine uses multiple layers of technologies to accurately identify malicious code and respond appropriately, based on attack type, to remove the threat without impacting productivity. The AMP intelligent layers include the following M86-exclusive technologies:

  1. Malware Entrapment Engine
    Detects specifically what will happen when code on a Web page is executed. It does this by correlating code on different parts of a Web page without relying solely on heuristics, patterns or any type of estimated outcome. The M86 SWG is the only secure Web gateway with this level of accuracy.

  2. Real-time Code Analysis with Dynamic Web Repair
    Detects and then blocks or removes obfuscated code and other dynamic cybercrime techniques in real time. It analyzes all incoming and outgoing Web content communicated over HTTP and HTTPS, regardless of origin and without signature matching. Compromised code can be removed from a Web page, leaving the legitimate code intact without risking malware exposure or impacting productivity.

  3. Virtual Vulnerability Patching
    Enables organizations to immunize all systems from known vulnerabilities without needing to apply emergency patches. Behavioral rules are created to identify and block content that tries to exploit one or more identified weaknesses, and new rules are included in security updates and installed transparently in all M86 SWG-deployed appliances.

  4. Anti-virus
    Scans and blocks known viruses prior to the advanced scanning methods performed by the intelligent M86 AMP engine.

  5. Heuristics
    Uses a type of pattern or formula to deduce whether malicious code exists on a Web page.

Advanced Productivity, Management and Reporting Features

  • Flexible Deployment Options include a traditional appliance, virtual appliance or hybrid cloud option, allowing full security for all users, anywhere and anytime.
  • Granular Social Media Control enables organizations to block posts, comments or uploads to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, while allowing employees to use other site functions.
  • Central Management enables any combination of deployment options to be managed centrally and easily from a single interface.
  • DLP Policy Tools help users create DLP policy and enforce regulations through logic conditions, rules and single-click refinement.
  • Application Control enables the control (allow/block) and management of multiple popular applications, including instant messaging and Facebook, and rich content types, such as Adobe Flash, PDF and Microsoft Office files.
  • Powerful logging and reporting of user transactions assist with regulatory compliance requirements. • Secure content caching provides accelerated content delivery.
  • X-Ray Mode tests new policy rules on live traffic without disrupting ongoing business operations.
  • Intelligent update mechanism for automatic and controlled (per scanner) product and OS upgrades, security updates and thirdparty engine updates.
  • SNMP support provides “just-in-time” alerts of relevant operational events using SNMP traps and email alerts.
  • Supports multiple modes include transparent and non-transparent proxy mode as well as bridge mode.
  • User authentication/identification based on Microsoft Active Directory® or other LDAP servers, without the need for installation of any additional software.
  • Secure LDAP ensures that authentication credentials are transferred securely from the directory server to the appliance.
  • Supports RADIUS authentication for administrators.
  • Robust hardware platform for enterprise-grade throughput performance.
  • Active/stand-by policy server option.
  • High availability and load balancing.
  • Multiple upstream proxies can be defined and used based on an assigned upstream proxy policy.
  • Multi-level/delegated administration enables multiple administration groups to manage and monitor the system with different authorities.
  • Smooth integration into various network topologies and monitoring systems (supports Cisco WCCPv2, ICAP, Syslog and SNMP v3 standards).



The M86 SWG provides organizations with the widest range of flexible deployment options available. This enables organizations to:

  • Provide equal, portable security to remote, mobile and on-premises users, regardless of how they connect to the network
  • Choose the option that best fits their infrastructure, budget and resource requirements
  • Manage security and control policies consistently and easily from a single interface
  • Minimize costs by using one low-maintenance solution for all users, eliminating the need for additional hardware, and preventing malware attacks
  • Improve productivity by allowing users to connect to the network anytime, anywhere
  • Integrate the solution into a variety of existing network architectures easily



On-premises Appliance
Provides comprehensive, scalable security and policy control for organizations that do not have or plan to implement a virtual environment.

Virtual Appliance
Provides the same high-level security and policy enforcement as its on-premises counterpart, but with the flexibility to deploy on an organization’s hardware of choice via VMware. When used with the M86 Security Reporter virtual appliance, organizations receive a fully virtual, easy-to-manage solution for security and reporting.

Hybrid Cloud
Combines cloud-based and on-premises Web security to provide consistent policy enforcement and security to all users who connect to the network internally, remotely or while on-the-go. Requires no hardware installation at branch offices.

Organizations can also choose to deploy various combinations of these options to meet specific needs, such as budget, number of users, existing infrastructure and branch offices by size.