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No longer famous for just anti-virus, McAfee now offers a large number of security products spanning many different markets. Thanks to its 2008 acquisition of Secure Computing, one more of these markets now includes Web content filtering.  NOTE: in late 2010, McAfee was acquired by Intel.

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McAfee Web Gateway

Organizations can do more over the web today than ever before. Often referred to as Web 2.0, today’s web offers a dynamic, real-time user experience. Static information has given way to social networking sites, blogs, wikis, RSS feeds, interactive applications, and user-generated content. Enterprises are taking advantage of these innovative capabilities to do business in more efficient, collaborative ways.

As Web 2.0 application use and sophistication increases, so too does the need for flexible access coupled with Web 2.0-ready security because even seemingly “safe” sites can be targeted for malware distribution. The McAfee® Web Gateway appliance, our on-premises web security solution, is the first line of defense for any organization to protect against evolving malware threats. This next-generation secure web gateway empowers organizations to enable employee access while greatly reducing an organization’s risk with an advanced security approach that combines powerful, local intent analysis with cloud-based protection powered by McAfee Labs™.

In today’s world, simply blocking known viruses from downloading or restricting access to “known bad” websites is not enough. Reactive techniques, such as signature-based anti-virus and categoryonly URL filtering, were never designed to enable Web 2.0 access or combat Web 2.0 exploits. The simple blocking approach offered by these solutions means entire pages or even domains can be blocked rather than the specific malicious code or object, hindering productivity while generating helpdesk calls. And since these solutions focus on known content and malicious objects or executables, they can’t prevent today’s attacks that hide malicious code within seemingly good HTTP or HTTPS traffic or provide protection against unknown or emerging threats. The ability to enable secure, granular access to Web 2.0 applications while proactively blocking unknown as well as known threats is now crucial.

McAfee understands the security needs of the Web 2.0 world like no other vendor and offers the industry’s most effective, proven proactive solution: McAfee Web Gateway.

Complete Inbound and Outbound Protection
McAfee Web Gateway delivers comprehensive security for all aspects of Web 2.0 traffic. For userinitiated web requests, McAfee Web Gateway first enforces an organization’s Internet use policy. For all allowed traffic, it then uses local and global techniques to analyze the nature and intent of all content and active code entering the network via the requested web pages, providing immediate protection against malware and other hidden threats. And, unlike basic packet inspection techniques, McAfee Web Gateway can even examine SSL traffic to provide in-depth protection against malicious code that has been disguised through encryption.

Inbound protection also mitigates risks for organizations hosting websites that accept data or document uploads from external sources. McAfee Web Gateway in reverse proxy mode can scan all content before it is uploaded, securing both the server and the content.

To secure outbound traffic, McAfee Web Gateway scans user-generated content on all key web protocols—including HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP—and protects against loss of confidential information and other threats leaking from the organization through social networking sites, blogs, wikis, and even online productivity tools such as organizers and calendars.

McAfee Web Gateway also safeguards against unauthorized data leaving the organization through “bot-infected” machines attempting to phone home or transmit sensitive data.

McAfee Web Gateway also allows enterprises to extend and enforce their security policies on mobile devices. Today’s popular smartphones and tablets including BlackBerry, Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, and Android can direct web traffic to McAfee Web Gateway through standard device management and security controls, ensuring mobile devices are secured with advanced anti-malware protection and corporate web filtering policies. McAfee Web Gateway also extends protection to mobile devices accessing content that is traditionally available on internal corporate servers such as intranets, wikis, Microsoft Sharepoint servers, and other web-based solutions. While this information is generally not made available to certain mobile devices due to security concerns, McAfee Web Gateway setup as a reverse proxy can enable controlled and secure access to these internal resources.

McAfee Web Gateway Delivers the Industry’s Best Protection
As the number one-rated malware protection,1 McAfee Web Gateway uses a patent-pending approach to intent analysis with the McAfee Gateway Anti-Malware Engine. Proactive intent analysis filters out malicious content from web traffic in real time. By scanning a web page’s active content, emulating and understanding its behavior, and predicting its intent, McAfee Web Gateway proactively protects against zero-day and targeted attacks as they occur.

McAfee combines this local, real-time intent analysis with comprehensive McAfee anti-virus protection to quickly block known viruses and several cloud-based technologies—all powered by McAfee Labs.

  • McAfee anti-virus with real-time McAfee Global Threat Intelligence™ (McAfee GTI™) file reputation—With cloud-based, McAfee GTI file reputation look-up capabilities, McAfee closes the gap between virus discovery and system update/protection. This enables McAfee Web Gateway to provide greater protection while optimizing security on a single platform with different, yet complementary, technologies— something many organizations want for their defense-in-depth security approaches.
  • McAfee Global Threat Intelligence web reputation and web categorization—McAfee Web Gateway delivers enhanced web filtering functionality and protection through the powerful combination of both reputation and category-based filtering. McAfee GTI powers McAfee Web Gateway’s web filtering technologies. McAfee GTI creates a profile of all Internet entities—websites, email, and IP addresses—based on hundreds of different attributes gathered from the massive, global data collection capabilities of McAfee Labs. It then assigns a reputation score based on the security risk posed, enabling administrators to apply very granular rules about what to permit or deny. McAfee Web Gateway offers expanded, cloud-based web reputation capabilities that now include geo-location, enabling geographic visibility and policy management based on the web traffic’s originating country.

For both web categorization and security-focused web reputation, organizations can now choose between on-premises and cloud look-ups or a combination of both. Cloud look-ups eliminate protection gaps between discovery/change and system update and offer significantly enhanced coverage with data on more than 100 million URLs.

Protection for encrypted traffic
Sophisticated cybercriminals have turned to SSL traffic (HTTPS) as the new back door through the enterprise’s security barrier. Ironically, a protocol designed to provide security must now also be secured against abuse, just as traditional HTTP traffic must be secured. McAfee Web Gateway is the first security product that fully integrates malware detection, SSL inspection, and certificate validation. There’s no need to route encrypted traffic to a separate box for malware inspection. McAfee Web Gateway directly scans all SSL traffic to ensure the complete security, integrity, and privacy of encrypted transactions.

Data loss prevention
McAfee Web Gateway protects organizations from outbound threats—such as leakage of confidential information—by scanning outbound content over all key web protocols, including SSL. This makes it an essential tool for preventing intellectual property loss, ensuring and documenting regulatory compliance, and providing forensic data in the event of a breach. For organizations with advanced data loss prevention (DLP) requirements, McAfee Web Gateway integrates with McAfee Data Loss Prevention solutions to provide unparalleled data loss protection.

Mobile filtering for remote users
As the workforce becomes more distributed and mobile, the need for web filtering and protection to seamlessly transition from the office to the road becomes increasingly important. McAfee Web Gateway customers can now take advantage of SiteAdvisor® Enterprise software with web filtering for endpoints to both protect and control web access for mobile users. This integrated, gateway-aware solution intelligently enforces the appropriate policy, whether the end user is at a corporate office and behind McAfee Web Gateway or outside the network.

McAfee Web Gateway Delivers Control
McAfee Web Gateway enables today’s web-centric enterprises with a powerful new rules-based engine for optimal policy flexibility and control, easily enabling hierarchical rules to be implemented for the multitenancy needs of large managed service providers and service providers. To streamline policy creation, McAfee Web Gateway offers an extensive pre-built rules library with common policy actions. Organizations can pick and choose various rules, easily modify these rules, and share their own rules through an online community.

The McAfee Web Gateway platform extends policy flexibility and control to web applications as well, enabling granular, proxy-based control over how web applications such as popular instant messaging applications are used. Organizations can enable or disable specific functionality as needed, controlling who uses a web application and how it is used. Do you want to enable access to Facebook but not allow games? No problem. The combination of flexible policy creation, advanced anti-malware scanning, and web reputation also means that McAfee Web Gateway can remove malicious links (based on reputation or category) from a web page or extract only the malicious code while letting the balance of the page display—fully optimizing productivity and granular Web 2.0 security.

Web gateway flexibility and control also extends to user authentication and access. McAfee Web Gateway supports numerous authentication methods including NTLM, RADIUS, AD/LDAP, eDirectory, cookie authentication, Kerberos, or a local user database. The McAfee Web Gateway authentication engine allows administrators to implement flexible rules, including the use multiple authentication methods. For example, McAfee Web Gateway can try to transparently authenticate a user and based on the result prompt the user for credentials, use another authentication method, apply a restrictive policy, or simply deny access.

McAfee Web Gateway extends access control to streaming content through native streaming proxy support as well, providing bandwidth savings and reduced latency.

McAfee Web Gateway Delivers Agile Infrastructure and Performance
McAfee Web Gateway is a high-performance, enterprise-grade proxy that provides the caching, authentication, administration, and authorization controls required by today’s most demanding enterprises. Offering multiple appliance models— all with integrated high availability and support for virtualized machines, in-the-cloud service with McAfee SaaS Web Protection, and even a blade option, McAfee Web Gateway delivers the deployment flexibility and performance you need, along with the scalability to easily support hundreds of thousands of users in a single environment.

With McAfee Web Gateway flexibility, you can mix deployment options as well. For example, you can offload portions of web traffic to the cloud during peak times for added high availability performance or use this hybrid model as a cost-effective failover option.

McAfee Web Gateway offers numerous implementation options—from explicit proxy to transparent bridge and router modes—to ensure that your network architecture is supported.

With support for numerous integration standards, McAfee Web Gateway is designed to work in your unique environment. From the web cache communication protocol (WCCP) to the Internet content adaptation protocol (ICAP), McAfee Web Gateway efficiently communicates with other network devices and security appliances, including McAfee Data Loss Prevention solutions and a wide range of industry standard proxy/caching devices.

Additionally, McAfee Web Gateway now offers IPv6 support, helping larger organizations and federal institutions comply with regulations. McAfee Web Gateway bridges the gap between internal IPv4 and external IPv6 networks and applies all available security and infrastructure features and functions to the traffic.

McAfee Web Gateway Delivers Value and a Platform for the Future
McAfee Web Gateway combines and integrates numerous protections that would otherwise require multiple standalone products. Web filtering, anti-virus, anti-spyware, SSL scanning, and content control filtering—you can get all of these protections in a single, cost-effective appliance. And a simplified management footprint means that a single security policy can be shared across protections and protocols, saving you valuable time and money.

McAfee Web Gateway Delivers Security Risk Management and Reporting
The most popular and respected security management technology, the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator® (McAfee ePO™) platform, is now supported by McAfee Web Gateway. As the single source for consolidated information, the McAfee ePO platform helps you quickly identify and mitigate problems and improve compliance management. Expand your security risk management capabilities and reach by viewing McAfee Web Gateway information in your McAfee ePO console, receiving actionable reports, viewing system information, and more.

McAfee Web Gateway includes additional reporting capabilities as well. McAfee Web Reporter gives you the instant information and forensic tools you need to understand how your organization is using the web, comply with regulations, identify trends, isolate problems, document inappropriate web activity, and tailor your filtering settings to enforce your web usage policies. It combines real-time views and drilldowns into today’s web traffic with powerful offline processing—everything you need in one easy-to-use solution. And it scales to meet the reporting needs of even the largest global corporations.

Available in both basic and premium versions, the McAfee Web Reporter software offers a choice of features and capacity to suit your organization’s size and reporting requirements. The basic version offers robust reporting capabilities and is available for no charge with any McAfee Web Gateway license.

McAfee Web Reporter Premium, Gateway Edition offers additional capabilities, including:

  • Delegated reporting—Reduce the IT burden by distributing reporting responsibilities across the organization. You can allow or restrict access to specific data, enabling administrators to share reporting responsibilities while staying within defined boundaries.
  • Powerful, advanced reporting capabilities—Configure highly detailed, custom reports to help identify trends and issues. You can even combine multiple queries into a single report or dashboard view to get detailed reporting results addressing specific areas of interest.

For the ultimate in deployment flexibility and to help future proof your investment, McAfee offers all features of the McAfee Web Gateway and McAfee SaaS Web Protection Service in a single a suite: McAfee Web Protection. Deploy on premises, in the cloud, or both for added deployment flexibility and high availability— the choice is yours. You’ll find award-winning McAfee anti-malware protection and comprehensive web filtering with either option.

McAfee Web Gateway hardware is sold separately.