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Based in San Francisco, California, OpenDNS takes a unique approach to Internet content filtering. Instead of acting as a proxy, OpenDNS hosts specialized DNS servers that provide in-the-Cloud content filtering and reporting services.

Their unique approach provides several advantages — (a) zero increase in latency, (b) no client-side software or configuration changes, and (c) it is particularly cost-effective for installations with a large number of separate Internet access points.

*In 2015, Cisco completed their acquisition of OpenDNS and THERE ARE IMPORTANT CHANGES COMING. (Call or chat with us for details)


Get OpenDNS working for your entire organization in minutes.

Thanks to Group1's special OpenDNS Managed Sevice Provider status, we can get your organization set up and running on OpenDNS in just minutes.  It's easy...

  • We walk you through the (simple) process.
  • No up-front cost. If you like your "trial", then simply choose to continue.
  • Default setup is for reporting-only initially, so no worry about inadvertent blocking of any Web traffic.

Is OpenDNS the right product for you?

We will be happy to discuss your current network environment, your content filtering goals, and share our real world experience with the OpenDNS product line.

Please give us a call at (800) 738-3570, or drop a quick email to 

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Define policies, manage and provision users, devices and networks, and view reports across your entire distributed organization. Available anywhere, at any time, from any device, the Umbrella Dashboard provides simple, actionable, real-time status on the security of your organization.


1. Instant provisioning
Gain instant visibility into your networks or compromised systems, from any Internet-connected device, in just minutes.


2. Centralized management
Get visibility and control across your entire distributed organization, through a single dashboard, from any Internet-connected device.


3. Location-based policies
With contextual, location-based policies, you can give flexible access to content without compromising security.


4. Real time status updates
You can view real-time status of laptops and mobile devices, no matter where your users travel.


5. Actionable reports
Instantly and easily identify infected clients and inappropriate use with comprehensive, drill-down reporting.


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