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Group1's Inside View...

Founded in Florida in 1996, privately held Wavecrest has successfully served its customers for over 20 years.  

Wavecrest's relatively low cost structure enables them to offer exceptional levels of price/performance.  Ask us about their just released "Mini-Appliance".

While their product line is especially well suited for small and medium sized businesses, their list of satisfied clients also includes Edward Jones, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, Blue Cross Blue Shield, MillerCoors, Rolex, Siemens, and others.

Regardless of customer size, Wavecrest's support is consistently oustanding.  They really take great care of their customers.


Is Wavecrest's CyBlock the right choice for you?

We will be happy to discuss your current network environment, your content filtering goals, and share our real world experience with the Wavecrest product line.

Please give us a call at (800)738-3570, or drop a quick email to .
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Complete Employee Web Security Gateway

CyBlock Employee Web Security Appliance provides advanced threat protection, Web filtering, P2P and BitTorrent blocking, comprehensive reporting, and simplified management. Safeguard your business interests with guest Wi-Fi network protection, with bandwidth management, and against new and growing cyber threats. Proactively stay ahead of potential insider threat behavior by exposing abnormalities in user activity and assessing trends for data breach exposure--all with a comprehensive, easy-to-setup-and-manage Employee Web Security Gateway Solution, CyBlock Appliance. 


Advanced Web Filtering 

      • Configure policy exceptions for different users and groups. 
      • Filter by standard, cloud service, and unlimited custom categories. 
      • Filter non-HTTP activity, e.g., P2P, torrents, IM, and e-mail. 
      • Secure your guest Wi-Fi network. 
      • Use white & black lists to restrict or allow access to certain sites. 

Threat Protection 

      • Keep out malware, Trojan horses, spyware, phishing attacks, and more. 
      • Identify and stay ahead of a growing number of malware sites. 
      • Inspect or “tunnel” HTTPS by Web site, category, or user ID. 
      • Prevent crashes, slowdowns, and information theft. 

Manage Guest Wi-Fi Networks 

      • Control all HTTP & HTTPS traffic. 
      • Automatically detect new devices with captive portal. 
      • Require Wi-Fi guest to accept your AUP before using your network. 
      • Support multiple managed and unmanaged networks simultaneously.

Cloud Services Detection and Analysis 

      • Discover all cloud applications being accessed in your organization. 
      • Expose both corporate sanctioned and employee-introduced cloud services. 
      • Identify risk, and analyze usage of your network resources. 

Policy & Compliance Management

    • Verify Acceptable Use Policy.
    • Comply with government and industry regulations such as CIPA and HIPAA.

Bandwidth Management 

      • Ensure speed and reliability of mission-critical Web activity. 
      • Cap bandwidth or block nonessential categories with policies. 
      • Configure total-usage thresholds to dynamically trigger caps. 
      • Get e-mail alerts and limit bandwidth usage when thresholds are exceeded.

Employee Web-use Behavioral Analytics 

      • Expose abnormalities in user activity. 
      • Identify potential insider threat behavior. 
      • Flag possible legal liability issues. 
      • Assess trends for data breach exposure.
      • Observe patterns for lost productivity.

Comprehensive, Manager-Ready Reports 

      • Use CyBlock Dashboard for quick, high-level assessments. 
      • View time spent online and compare trends by date range. 
      • Get a variety of high-level summaries and detailed audits. 
      • View all user searches, unacceptable visits, and cloud service usage. 
      • Schedule reports for automatic distribution. 
      • Synchronize cloud user activity with Hybrid option.

Real-Time Monitoring

      • View Web activity in real time by user ID, URL, and its category. 
      • View only specific users, groups, or categories. 
      • Identifies bandwidth hogs in real time and provides trending. 
      • Sends e-mail notification when bandwidth threshold is exceeded.